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SIS Logo Changes

This summer is the beginning of our second year as a SIS family. Like many classrooms, from year-to-year, summer is the time for updating, changing, and rejuvinating to prepare for what is to come. We are going through the same process and we just wanted to share some of those changes with you as they occur. One, is the change to our logo. While it does capture our motto very well... Helping you grow new ideas!... We decided to find something a bit more contemporary.

The lightbulb which still remains from the original logo represents ideas, bright ideas at that. Ideas always grow and develop from within. Therefore, the growing plant is inside the lightbulb. The flower, specifically the sunflower, is the growth of something that started very small as a 'seed' of an idea and always has the potential to grow and develop into something very meaningful. We have this potential in all of us. Through a continual cycle of learning, we all grow within our heart, body, and mind. The sunflower specifically was selected because it is a reminder of the city this started... in the agricultural area of Redland, Florida, where at any unexpected moment you may walk, bicycle, ride a car or horseback, down the road and suddenly come across a beautiful sunflower field that makes you stop-in-your-tracks and gaze at how magnificently tall they are, with their big round heads reaching up and following the sunshine. Something that we all need to do... reach up to our fullest potential. As it takes effort for the sunflower to grow and it cannot happen alone and neither does the knowledge we always must strive to gain. Whether SIS is part of your growning process or not, remember to keep reaching for new growth and knowledge. And if you do need SIS, we are here to help you grow new ideas!

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