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How will I know?

One question we are often asked by parents when their child starts tutoring with us is…

How will I know if what you are doing in tutoring is working?

The answer to that is different for every child as is the timing as to how long it will take. Below is a list of things to be on the lookout for when you will start to realize the tutoring program is working:

Your child:

  • Starts to participate in class and raise his hand - the teacher lets you know

  • He/she starts to like school more

  • Behavior at school is improving

  • Homework is becoming more independent

  • Homework is taking less time

  • Homework time is less of a battle

  • Grades are starting to improve

  • There is more free time at home

  • Happy notes or phone calls are being received

  • Certificates of achievement or hard work are being earned

  • Invitation to the school’s award’s ceremony

  • Honor roll - first or second honor roll

  • Meeting Accelerated Reader goals FINALLY

  • Asking for money to buy books at the school’s book fair

  • Bringing home books from the school’s library

  • Asking to go to the library or book store

  • Wanting to be read to or to read to someone

  • Read in from of the class

  • Read in from of the church or another important organization


Picture Credit:

From a parent of the child tutored by Southern Instructional Solutions… The parent sent this to us and just could not believe it happened saying, “You were right! Look!” Followed by a text message with the photo . So proud! (above - laying in his yard swing reading).

Another student with his book fair purchase. He was so excited to get started! 🌻🌻🌻 We grow BRIGHT learners!


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